Friday, October 12

31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling:: Day 6: Playing With Paper

Thank you if you're still hanging in there with me!
I hope you are having fun.

Day 6: Playing with Paper

Today we're going to start with watercolors.

And add some little pieces of paper with gel medium.

 And add details & scripture with extra fine pen.


  1. I was Hap-Hap-Happy to see your journal in my new Art Journaling magazine! One of your pieces (well, two actually, the bicycles) in a long ago magazine was an inspiration to me and helped set me on my art journey. You will always have a special place in my heart. I loved your article. Congrats on having your journal published! So grateful that you share yourself!

  2. Love it! So sweet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thank you!!! I was so excited to be in there!

  4. So cute! Love pictures of the process. Seeing the end result of things makes it look hard, but seeing the steps it's like, "Oh, I could do that!"

  5. What a fun and cute house! Love the birds as well!