Thursday, January 30

Valentine's Day Love Bird Wreath

I tried so hard to be original and different with this, but here's the problem:
I love wreaths and rosettes and birds and twine.
So I keep making the same wreath in different colors
So here is my happy wreath.

1. Buy a wooden twiggy wreath 
and spray paint it white.

2. Make red and white rosettes.

Cut 1" x about 8" strips of fabric.

Fold the strip in half.

Start rolling it from the center,
hot gluing it in place as you go.

Continue twisting, rolling, and gluing the fabric around the flower.

Glue the end of the flower to the bottom.

Do the same with the red strips.

3. Hot glue the flowers to the wreath.

4. Make the love birds.

Cut out 2 squares , about 3" x 3".

Cut out a bird shape.

Hot glue the pieces of fabric together, leaving a small opening for stuffing.
Lightly stuff the birds with the fabric scraps and hot glue it closed.

5. Make a little banner.
Cut 4 1" x 3" pieces of thick canvas fabric and hot glue it to a piece of twine.
Cut little X's and O's out of pretty scrapbook paper and
glue it to the fabric with Mod Podge.

6. Wrap twine around the wreath and tie a little bow.



Monday, January 27

31 Days of Scripture Art Journaling::Day 23: John 2, Creating Pockets

Start here.

Day 23: John 2; 
Creating Pockets

On Day 22 I talked about the process of reading a specific part of the Bible,
getting confused by it, rereading and rereading, and choosing a verse to journal.
Honestly, there's so much of it I don't understand. Especially in this chapter.
If I were journaling by myself, I'd skip it and move on,
but I'm here with you and that feels like cheating.

I have more questions than answers (as always). God isn't afraid of my questions.
I'm not looking for specific answers to every question,
but a greater understanding of who God is, who Jesus,
and what that means to me. Today.

I seriously don't get this miracle. so subtle, so quiet.
Why would Jesus' first miracle be one that appears to be so insignificant?
Why is Jesus so rude to his mom?
Why does he say his hour hasn't come, and then he does the miracle anyway?
And what is with the rage (turning over the money changers tables)?

 I can't believe I just found this. It's a commentary from Bible Gateway.
I try not to go to commentaries until after I read the scripture and try to
figure out what it means to me. But this chapter is a mystery to me.
I can't find one verse that stands out.
I found this about chapter 2:

What are we to make of a Jesus who responds to honest, open questions with cryptic words and deeds? Jesus is indeed compassionate, but there is always a wildness, an otherness, about him. Out of love he will use extraordinary means to break through our hardness of heart so that we might realize our need and come to him for life. The disciples did not understand what Jesus was doing, but they stuck with him and were open despite their questions; the Jewish leaders had only their questions. Spiritual growth demands questions. It is evident from this story that God wants us to have questions--we see his Son here, and throughout the story, raising one question after another through his words and deeds. The answer to all of these questions is found in the heart of God himself as Jesus reveals him. All of our language is but a pointer to the reality of God himself. John is writing not so we might understand all mysteries but so we might have life in his name (20:31).

What am I learning from this scripture?

Jesus likes wine. Ha!
Jesus is honest and wild and unafraid of what people think of him.
Life with Jesus  is unpredictable.
Jesus is constantly raising questions through his words and deeds.
Spiritual growth demands questions.(I love that.)
God wants me to have questions.
John is not writing for every question to be answered,
every letter on the scantron bubbled in.
No, he's writing so that I might have life.
real life. abundant life.

The other thing I notice is Mary.
She simply, quietly states the problem to Jesus.
She doesn't tell him what to do or how to solve it
or freak out or worry or beg. Like I do.
She trusts that he will do whatever is best.

When the wine was gone, 
Jesus’ mother said to him, 
“They have no more wine.”
John 2: 3

So this is my process. I know that was a long explanation.
I just wanted to go through my process with you,
and I learn a lot just by writing it down.

Get your verse and let's start journaling.
Today I'm going to add some cute little pockets to our page.
I don't know what I'll put in them, but let's get started:

Prep your journal page.
Step 1: Spread paint & gesso around the page with a paint brush or a paper towel.
Step 2: Glue big blocks of paper to the page with mod podge.

Step 3:Add blotches of contrasting color.
Dip a squished up paper towel in a contrasting color
(I chose yellow and red.)
Spread some gesso  around the page with a paper towel
& wipe it off to mute the pattern of the paper.

Step 4:Paint flowers.
Dip your fingers in gesso and paint circles all around the page.

Step 5 : Add color.
While the gesso is still wet, dip your fingers in a color
and blend it in with the white.

Step 6: Add details with paint.
Add yellow paint to the rest of the flowers.
Add lines in contrasting colors.
Add white scribbly circles with ink.

Step 7: Tear out a page from a book.
My mother-in-law found this great old book for me at a garage sale.
The pages are thick and weathered and perfect.

Step 8: Fold & cut the to make little pockets for your journal page.
Place them on the page, but don't glue them down yet.

Step 9: Paint an image from your scripture.
I chose a wine glass. It can be anything. A bird, a house, a flower.
Whatever you want. Try not to think too much about it.
Paint your verse in black ink with a teeny tiny brush.

Step 10: Paint your pockets.

Step 11: Paint details on the pockets

Step 12: Glue the pockets down.

Step 13: Cut out little scraps of paper to write notes on and put them in the pockets.

That's it.


Sunday, January 26

Sunday Scripture: Ephesians 2:10 You are God's work of art

I love this verse, can you tell?
I love because it's so outrageously hard to believe, isn't it?
The word masterpiece is actually the greek word poema
which means spoken poem.
God's spoken work of art.
That's what I am. 
That's what you are.

This year I chose this verse. and the words abundant life.
 I want to try to figure out what that looks like
 I think part of the abundant life that Jesus has for us is only found in authenticity.
I know that's a buzz word for blogging and it's tough to bottle up and define
butI know it when I see it. And I know it when I write it.
And I know it when I don't write it. It feels kinda gross.

If I really am God's masterpiece,
his treasured possession, if that really is true,
then what am I telling my creator by trying to be what I am not, 
and covering up all of the things that I am.
That He has made me?

Who am I to tell God,
thanks that you made me and all,
but you really messed up in this area?
Let me help you out, Lord.

Who am I NOT to be my beautiful brilliant self?

We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' 
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small 
does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about 
shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. 
We are all meant to shine, as children do. 
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. 
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, 
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 
As we are liberated from our own fear, 
our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson

To let God's glory shine through my brokenness
And to trust that God made me
fearfully and wonderfully and beautifully,
as He promises He did.

To stand in the truth of who God made me to be,
inspite of  the thoughts and feelings and messages of this world 
that would have me believe differently is not to brag or boast,
but it is simply to trust that God's promises are true.
That He IS who He says he is.
That He IS the great I AM.

Our time is just a breath. 
To try to be anyone besides the person God
created me to be a waste of life, and will never lead to abundant life
So, I want to be brave and authentic, as one requires the other.
In my words and in my blog.
Just as if you were coming over to my chaotic
 cluttered house for a 6 hour play date full of 
loud kids and too much coffee in your pajamas.
{Thank you Julie & Nicole}
That's what I wanna do.

You are a stinkin' spoken poem, friends.
brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous
Made by someone who knows what He's doing.

***This verse is available as a free 5x7 printable here!***

Friday, January 24

Art Journaling Your One Little Word

***If you're here for the tutorial and want to skip the fascinating
overshare of my life, simply scroll down to the bottom.
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you join us!***

So, have you chosen your one little word for the year yet?
I thought and thought and I kept coming back to this verse:

I have come that you may be comfortable,
and have a 3 car garage in which to 
store all of your painting supplies. 

hmmmm... I don't think that's it.
At least I couldn't find it anywhere in the Bible.

I can never seem to narrow it down to just one word.
My words this year?

abundant life 

Jesus promises, not just life, but abundant life.
That's the reason He came. That's what I want. that's what he promises.
If I'm not living it, then what am I doing? And what does that even mean?
I have no idea. But I  don't think I'm living out the abundant life that God has for me.
I think there's more. Not something different. but something more. 
Right here. Exactly where I am. In it.

I have felt it before, but it's been a while.
And I don't think it's anything I can do, or figure out on my own.
I think it's something God has to show me. Day by day. 

I have some areas I'd love to see God breathe life into.
Areas that feel dead. I've been trying to do them on my own and 
I'm just not getting anywhere.

First of all, I want to create my joy.

As Lilla Rogers says People buy your joy. I love that. I believe that.
The things that end up being most popular with others are the things I create for myself,
that come out of an overflow of my heart, not from an assignment.
I've spent the last year exploring art licensing, and I'm burned out with assignments
that don't come from me. It feels like more work, instead of play.

Lately I've been creating like a maniac, and loving it.
Have you noticed? There's so much inside me that needs to come out.
Not just paintings, but all kind of stuff.
I want to explore new textures: wood, clay, fabric.
I want to explore new themes and series and materials
and make my home a reflection of us.

I wanna practicing be being brave. I think that's part of it.
I know that sounds lame. a cliche. I know. Stick with me here.
 I mean for real. I want to step out of denial. Stop pretending.
and step into authenticity. In my art. In my blog.
In my parenting and my marriage and my friendships.
I think that's part of abundant life.
I think that will breathe life into my life.

I want to take my boys on adventures. I kind of scribbled that in.
I think life with Jesus is {or should be} an adventure.
Nothing boring about it. The life of Jesus was kind of crazy
and unexpected and real and raw and awkward at times.
It was not comfortable. In the least.
This is my last year with Jack not in full time school.
I want to be intentional with our time. They've been riding their
bikes as I walk/try my best to huff and puff around the lake.
and it's awesome/ horrible {because I hate running}. I want to keep going.
Jack always wants to create projects. I usually submit under guilt great duress.
But I want to engage with him and enjoy it.
I want to stop watching TV and read and read and read to them.
Some afternoon we do and they love it. It's magical.

Spiritually, I want to let go.
These burdens are not mine. They do not belong to me.
And I pick them up and haul them around all day.
I want to read and art journal journal and pray and worship.
And be a part of what God is doing.
Right where I am.

Financially we have got to be fierce about the budget. Gazelles.
We've made the big decision for me to stay part time next year
so I can be a momma to these babies. Josh is going to be 3.
I am beyond thankful that I get to be home with them{a leap of faith}
And with that comes a crazy budget. We're 2 weeks in and it is painful people.
painful but so worth it. {See my attempt at running above}
We've done it before and I know we can do it again.
We just need to do it.

Physically, I've got to do something. Anything.{See above}
I feel overwhelmed about my physical health right now.
 So I just need to start praying and taking baby steps towards health.
My strategy: eat real food, move more, drink water.
I know this leads to life. I know I need to do it. I don't like it one bit.
I'm 2 weeks in and still standing, and frequently have the urge to poke my out.
I can do this. I can do this. I can do hard things.
{That needs to be my next collage}

Okay, that's it. So now that I am finished with
here's a quick little tutorial for creating a visual for your word!

Water color paper
Acrylic paints
White ink
Black ink
Paint brushes of various sizes
The tiniest little brush you can find

That's it. Simple. Right?
Tape your watercolor paper to a bigger piece of paper,
or any hard surface, to keep it from curling up.

1. Create blocks of color with your paint. 
{Please ignore the calligraphy pen. I thought I'd give it a try,
but I ditched it because I like using a brush so much more.}
I started in the middle with a block of orange,
 then added some red & white with my fingers.
Try not to blend the colors too much,
or it will start to look muddy.

2. Take the tiniest brush you can find and dip it in white ink.
Write your word(s) in the center
and start to doodle lines and dots around it.

3. Keep painting and doodling.
Write your words & thoughts & feelings  doodle around them.

Fill up your page.

4. Paint over your white ink with black ink. 
*This is great if your messed up or change your mind,
the black will cover it up.

5. The Most Important Part: Link Below

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Come on and join us!

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