Monday, January 9

God-sized plans for me and you

It’s so true.
Noah, Mary, Paul.
They were real people.
With real dreams.
And I’m sure their dreams didn’t include:
Building an ark.
Giving birth to God.
Leading Gentiles to faith in Jesus.

But God had bigger plans for them.
God had God-sized plans for them.

My dreams and prayers are usually along the lines of:
Give me sleep. Please.
Help us pay our bills.
Make art.
Keep us safe.
Keep us healthy.
Teach me how to be married.
Teach me how to be a good momma.
And when I’m really dreaming big:
Please give us a long vacation.
And a 3 car garage.

Oh, and help me read my Bible.

I don’t know,
but I think God might have bigger plans.
God-sized plans for me.
And for you, too.

Now to Him who is able to do
exceedingly abundantly
above all that we ask or think,
according to the power that works in us,

Ephesians 3:20


  1. i hear you here, but don't forget that where you are, a mother, a wife, are really (big) things, and the plans he has for you in those are important. i think God changes us in those times, preparing us for what is to come. all his plans are God-sized plans, even if they seem small to us.

    i say this because in looking back at my life i can see that in my looking for my purpose i missed my purpose along the way.


  2. oh, he's got plans, alright, but his plan involves letting us come to it. helping us get to the road. helping us find the way. there are always those times when sleep is more important that the plans! take the nap, dear!

  3. I am loving, LOVING your posts Erin! Thank you for being real, sharing your heart, and making me smile. :) Fabulous print too!!!

  4. Love the new print:O) Thanks for sharing sending hugs and smiles your way:O)

  5. Erin,
    You are such an inspiration. And honestly, you give me a good laugh each time I visit which is so nice.
    Case in point...your first prayer. Which is also mine. Sigh.

  6. Beautiful. I am finding this blog so uplifting. It's helping me to find my way. Don't we all struggle with that? Well I guess Mary and Mother Theresa may be the exceptions.

  7. amen! beautiful, so glad you shared. happy weekend to you!

  8. Erin, your blog is beautiful! I'm honored to share Hannah's sidebar with you :) Can't wait to follow along! <3 Ashley

  9. Oh how I love this post and TRUTH! So much of the time we are SO focused on what we WANT, even our prayers become that cry...but God does know what He's doing and HE does have bigger plans and BETTER plans for us. And when Satan comes in to try to steal things away and mess things up, GOD uses that to make even more beautiful plans!
    Newest follower, found you through Happy Days!