Wednesday, January 4

What is your word?

Quick! You only have 361 days left.
my word was as clear as day.
It just came to me.
And over
And over again.

Painfully and purposely.
With help from the Lord.
And my counselor.
There was no mistaking my word.
But this year I’m kind of stuck.
There are plenty of words that I could choose.
But none of them feel right.
The first word that comes to mind is sleep.
{Please, please Lord, give me sleep this year.}
Simplify  comes to mind.
I feel overwhelmed and cluttered and out of control.
But doesn’t everyone choose simplify?
I like something along the lines of
courage or be brave
or uncomfortable.
but that seems overdone, too.
Full of Grace?
All of the above.
but I’m just not sold on one.
I'll tell you what I do want
and maybe you can tell me my word:
I liked the challenge of giving chex mix to my neighbors.
I liked how I felt after. I felt brave.
It was an old, familiar feeling. I used to be brave.
And it’s been a while since I’ve felt that way.
I don't know where that brave girl went.
 Life feels cluttered. Overwhelming.
I feel a little lost in the living of it all.
I want to
Be still.
And let the Lord change me and use me
And lead me as I surrender my will for His.
I want to let go of my dreams
So that I can discover His dreams for me.
{Always better than my own.}

I want to stop being so obsessed with myself.
I'm kind of getting sick of me.
I want to let God use me
and the gifts he's entrusted to me for his glory.
And to use my blog for good.

I want to trust that God will provide financially.
And just rest in peace of knowing He will.
He always does, and worrying about it,
trying to juggle everything to get ahead,
simply exhausts me.

I want to feel healthy and strong
and confidant and cute.

And I want to make a mobile.

So what is that word?
 I wrote what I want for this year.
I keep adding to it.
I’m joining up with One Word 365
Come with me.
Let's do this together.
Whatever you do,
 DON’T choose
humility or patience.
{God will provide in buckets.}
I saw a couple of those here and just cringed.
I wanted to scream
“Don’t do it.”



  1. Thanks for your post. Your art work is amazing and the mobiles. The Word will come in more ways than one.

  2. Courage or Courageous? That's what Came to mind as I was reading this post. It's not always easy to let go of yourself and let God but you can do it with courage and deep trust. Proverbs 3:5 is really good.
    I paid for patience once I was 21 at the time...oh my word so not a good idea. :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. I like Acceptance. Accept that dishes may be left in the sink. Accept that sleeping in may not happen for a while longer. Accept that a new car or fancy gadget is not in my future. Accept my children for who they are, not who I want them to be. Accept that my life isn't what I pictured it would be. Accept compliments, even if I don't immediately agree. Accept myself, flaws and all. Accept help those around me offer and not be so stubborn. Accept God's love. :)

  4. My word for the year has to be trust. Trusting that my faith in god will guide me and protect me and trusting that faith will keep me free.

  5. Hi Erin,

    I read about you somewhere and couldn't remember where. I'm blogging about some of your thoughts tomorrow (they really stuck with me), so I went in search of how to link to you.

    I love your blog and your art.

    My word of the year last year was CALM. It came to me in a flash and was undeniable.

    This year I'm seized by two words: EXPLORE and GIVE. Both of these words touch on some of what you said today. Maybe one is your word too.

    The other one which came to mind as I read your musing is TRUST.

  6. My word is "Leap" I know that I need to take the "Leap" of faith and follow where God leads me. I am your newest follower.