Thursday, April 28

In the Studio: Getting Unstuck

I was ready to burn these canvases.
ready to throw them out the window.
I could not get them right.

I started to play
not worrying, just having fun with
color and paper.
and this turned in to this...

which turned into this...

which turned into this...

after letting it sit and sit and taunt me.
it all fell together.

where did it come from?
i have no idea.
the best kind of creating.
it's just it's own thing.

It's a constant battle to suspend judgement
and just go with whatever feels right
to take risks and not just do
what is comfortable.

And I have to say,
I love working in a space that is
organized and makes sense.
It was so worth the time it took to my studio to this place.
It makes me happy just to be in here.

Monday, April 25

Card Catalog Makeover Tutorial: A Love Story

This is the card catalog from my school.
The elementary school I teach at.
Built in 1950.

I have drooled over this piece of
 solid wooden goodness
ever since I first laid eyes on it.
8 years ago.

I brought my class in the library.
 As they swarmed around the computers
this lovely little dish sat alone on the wall.
alone. unoticed.  untouched.

So when it was time to renovate the library I knew it was my time to pounce.
I walked in the library one day and literally saw it on the {take} table.
I checked with the librarian and ran to get the custodian to hide it for me
{I didn't want to take any chances.}
And then skipped around all day with a card catalog song in my heart.
One problem: my studio was packed to the max with stuff, stuff, stuff.
As was my garage and the rest of my house.

I knew I could not keep both her and my husband
unless I already had a cleared out space for her
and I could show that she could actually save space.

And almost a year later, here she sits in my studio.
True love.

Card Catalog Makeover Tutorial

First, I took the big metal rods out

and covered  the front of the drawers
with text from an old book
and, of course Mod Podge.
I filled the little name plate part
with a piece of card stock.

When all of the drawers were out
I painted the whole thing with black acrylic paint.
I added a little white paint with a paper towel
and mushed it around to make it more interesting.

Then I added a trim of text with Mod Podge

and a little collage of paper to add color to the side.
And I filled it with supplies.

And Vwah-lah! She's done.
This same collagey make over can be done with
just about any piece of furniture.

I used the same process for my recipe box tutorial.
Pretty soon anything that doesn't move will have a
 layer of paint, Mod Podge & paper...

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Saturday, April 23

Queen Bee is coming! (How to build tall structures out of wood while 8 months pregnant.)

Okay so, the title is a little misleading.
I haven't really figured it out yet.
But just you wait because...

the Queen Bee Market

the Queen Bee Market is coming!
It's just 2 weeks away, May 6 & 7 at the Del Mar Hilton
If you're in the area I hope you'll stop by.
I'd love to meet you.

It's been over a year since I've done any kind of show
SO I'm getting really excited & really nervous.
I always get overwhelmed & overcome with anxiety about the whole thing.
But this market is such a good opportunity that I didn't want to pass it up.
Right now I'm a little a lot overwhelmed with my booth set-up.
I've never had a one that I've really loved.
And it makes all the difference.
So I really want to plan it out and
cute it out and make it the best I can.
I walked around Cedros to get creative for displays
And  I came across this simple book shelf.

and thought: hmmmmmmmmmm.
Heck, I have a drill.
maybe I can do that.
Here's my idea:

{Can you picture it?}
(Did I mention that this wanting to do art is a
add to the list of things to learn:
how to build tall structures out of wood while 8 months pregnant.

Today my assisstant (Jack) & I will go to Home Depot
and beg for someone to help us.

Am I a little insane? Probably.
But then I think, heck, if 50 vendors can figure this
whole "cool-looking booth" thing out, I can figure it out, too.
Any suggestions?
I'll let you know how it goes...

Thursday, April 21

The Orphan Crisis & hope

A few months ago I got a comment from Love.
I read her blog and found this.


Frankly, it left me feeling lost.
In tears.
So, so sad. 
And feeling so helpless.

I prayed. 
I don't even know what
to do with this, Lord.
The needs are too great.
We have no money to give. 
There's nothing I can do to fix this. 
Show me.

And then I forgot about it. 
For the most part.
I think about these babies. a lot. 
But I have to push it out of my mind because
I think of Jack separated from his mommy and daddy
and I'm an instant puddle of tears.
and it makes me so, so sad.
like really sad.
And if I can't fix it,
it seems pointless to just be sad. 

So then I heard about little Sergey from Courtney's blog.
And Danielle and her family's heart
for the least of these.
And I was so excited when I read about him
and an opportunity to help him because
there was finally something I could do. 
Like actually do.  
And that makes me happy.
Not sad.

So happy to be a teeny tiny part of
something really big. seriously.
God bringing his children to home.
(Just like me.)
Reminds me of the paralytic. (Luke 5)
His friends do all kinds of crazy stuff
to get him to the feet of Jesus.
To bring him home to his daddy.

And I just know, without a doubt
that together, all of our little loaves & fishes
are changing eternity.

 Anyway, please visit Danielle.
Please give what you feel lead to give.
Please pray for our little Sergey and
the families and children at Reese's Rainbow.

Tuesday, April 19

Sometimes mommy has a potty mouth...


My Aunt Cami sent me a cute little notebook
to write down all of the funny things Jack says so i don't forget them.
And i have to carry it in my purse because they happen all day long.

Here are a few of them:

Me: Jack go call daddy for dinner.
He yells up the stairs, "Hey babe"
{big grin}

Our trip to Home Depot:
He's riding in the cart. Big sigh.
"I just love Home Depot, Mom.
It's just like home.
Can we sleep here?"

On our way to the restaurant.
"I hope they have water.
I hope they have water.
Mom, do they have water there?
I just hope they have water."

On our way to the grocery store:
Jack: Mom, do you think they have any food there?
Me: I don't know, what do you think?
J: Let's ask him. Hey grocery store!
Do you have any food for us?
long pause.
J: Mom! Make the store talk!

We enter...
Mom look! They do have food here.
they really do.

All day long.
Mom, watch me.
Mom, cheer for me.
Me: Yay, Jack
Him: No, not like that!
You have to clap for me.

Thank you, Aunt Cami

Did you watch Parenthood?!?
holy cow.
so good.

Friday, April 15

Art Studio Makeover Part 2: Function before Form

***I'm so excited to be featured over at My Messy Manger today.***
Take a look.

So now that I have gotten rid of piles and piles of stuff
I'm finally ready to organize this room to be:
(above all else!)
and ultimately...
inviting & inspiring

I'm not an organizer by nature,
so this is brain surgery for me.

I divided my room into 3 separate stations:


{My bulletin board for ideas, pegboard for paint, and my 35 things for inspiration.}

{Getting my paint & supplies off of my workspace
and up on the wall was a huge space/clutter saver.}

{This is not pretty, but it gets the job done.}

***2. Wrapping & packaging orders***

{This is still a work in progress.}

{I put up a bulletin board for inspiration,
a calendar, and a board for orders & to dos.}

Ribbon storage before...

Ribbon storage after...
{Plus it has a little shelf to hold more stuff.
Painted pots are a cheap & easy way store stuff.}

***3.all things computer & paper work***

Honestly, the best organizational strategy for me has been
getting stuff off of my workspace and onto my walls.
and using every inch of my vertical space.
My drill has been my best friend.
{This skinny bookshelf sits on the table,
but it helps to use the vertical space.}

Also, I found these affordable baskets at WalMart for $5.00.
These have been a life saver for miscellany.
It seems no matter how much I purge and organize,
there is always that random stuff that just doesn't fit.
They are not the most attractive things in the world,
but they are functional, so I was really excited when I found them.
And I saved the best for last. Don't hate.

This is my organizational, vintage, antique, artist, studio dream come true:
The real live card catalog from my school. Built in 1950.
I have to save our love story for another post.
It's too good to pass up.

 I'm almost there.
I still have a few more projects
to finish up so I can finally start painting again.